Exciting Vacations – Lovely Video Memory.


The low cost proposal especially differs by its affordable prices.

Video you filmed will undergo a professional cutting and you will obtain a beautiful, sounded video clip or video film just for 3 €/Gb. The cost can be calculated considering that one 32-Gb memory card can hold 4 hours of the best quality video. As a rule video clips last near 3 minutes.

The price includes instruction on camera usage and basics of photography, professional video editing, musical arranging, transmitting through file storages or placement in Vimeo (YouTube) according to your requests.

Camera rent – 15 € – the first day, 10 € – the following days.


The Czech Republic is a real paradise for bicycle tourists. Prague, “Czech Switzerland”, mountains, variety of castles, rivers, lakes. Listed cozy cycle roads from extreme “downhill” to family ones, places, for leisure and inexpensive restaurants. Rambles in parks of Prague, surrounded by sights, where unique views are behind every turn.


Examples of bicycle tours:

Prokop gorge

Reserve Wild Sarka

Architecture and parks of Prague.

Karlštejn and Berounka

In addition to The Czech Republic we suggest You to visit Austria. This won’t be a Bicycle tour through Austria, it will be cheaper – after arriving into The Czech Republic you will go to Austria to ride for one or two days. Only 350 – 400 km from Prague! You will see beautiful towns and the unique Austrian Alps…


Examples of bicycle tours:

Czech Republic + Austria – Lake Bodensee

Czech Republic + Austria – Silvretta mountains.

Czech Republic + Austria – Salzburg and Lake Mondsee …

Czech Republic + Bavaria.

Czech Republic + Italy – Lake Garda.